You stop the strange tape and peer closer at the insert. You’re finally able to make out what the inscription says... 

How did she know exactly how you’d been feeling, as you listened back to these memories? You’d been holding onto a lot of resentment towards your family, though you hadn’t seen any of them since you left... and even towards Grandma for leaving you behind. At the same time, you also sort of miss them, even your annoying little sister. It’s a dissonance you know you can’t resolve.  

Maybe you came back here looking for closure.

Or looking for a fight.

Some drama. Some huge, climactic moment that would fix everything.

But no one’s around for’s just you and these tapes.

You sigh.

Of course, Grandma’s message in the inscription is right. Guess it’s time to finally move on. 

You toss the tapes back into the green box and carry it into the living room.  You turn on the gas in the fireplace and swiftly throw the box into the fire. Good riddance!

Now, the rest of the house...


Story, Sound Design, & Interaction Design by Anjali Nair
Additional Sound FX from