Companion Walks

Story Exchange & Relationship Building 

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How might we strengthen ties between neighbors who do not typically have chances to interact due to urban divisions?

Companion Walks was an experiential activity in which residents from the same Brooklyn neighborhood, who might not typically have opportunities to interact, were paired together to go on a walk and build relationships. Along the way, each neighbor would share perspectives and stories about their shared urban space, guided by prompts designed to spur conversation and reflection.

The stories shared along the way would be recorded and made part of a community archive of resident-led walking tours, with consent from participants.

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Created for the “Designing Urban Maintenance” Studio at Parsons School of Design, the project was prototyped with residents in Red Hook and Bedford-Stuyvesant,Brooklyn in Fall 2019.

My Roles –
Experience Design,




Audio Recording
Collaborators –
Sudeepti Rachakonda,

Stephanie Soussloff

Advisors –
Evren Uzer,

Anze Zadel,

Karen Blondel